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We focus on estate planning, conservatorship, and probate law.Our goal is to answer your questions and reduce your concerns for the most successful outcome possible.
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Sasha Kamfiroozie

Sasha Kamfiroozie is the founder of Kam Law Firm, a trust and estates, and corporate law firm. Part of Sasha’s practice focuses on all matters related to death and incapacity including estate planning, probate, conservatorships, trust administration, and financial elder abuse. Her estate planning strategies are designed to enable clients to manage family assets and achieve other estate planning goals.
In addition, Sasha has significant experience in advising clients with respect to the administration of trusts and estates, and handling trust and estate litigation matters.
Business & Probate Law

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Business Attorney

Running a business is an engaging, exciting and challenging mission to undertake. Any given day can present questions and issues that include negotiating contracts with vendors and/or would-be clients, enforcing existing contracts, achieving or maintaining some form of legal compliance with the local, state or federal government or just about anything else that can present itself during a typical business day. Rather than leave yourself vulnerable to any or all of these situations, secure the legal help of a business attorney who can help steer your organization through any problems and even minimize or eliminate them before they arise.

Small Business Planning

Starting a new business is an exciting venture! Along with that excitement comes the need for significant planning that should be done before you jump into it.  First steps include selecting the proper type of business entity to ensure you have creditor protection and to minimize your potential tax liabilities and making sure you have strong contracts in place with your employees, independent contractors, and clients. The best way to handle this process is to discuss your goals with a small business planning attorney who can advise you on the best way to make your vision a reality while protecting your business and personal assets.

General Counsel

Every business encounters the need for legal help, and too many entities are not fully covered in the event that a situation arises that needs an immediate legal answer and/or advice. Your small businesses may not have the internal resources to hire a full-time general counsel to deal with these matters or the level of need that would justify such an ongoing expense. However, every business would benefit from having an attorney ready to serve. Consider having general counsel on an as-needed basis. Take immediate steps to secure the level of protection your business needs and learn more about the benefits of general counsel.


Conservatorships protect mentally and/or physically incapacitated persons by appointing someone to make health and/or financial decisions on their behalf. A Conservatorship may be permanent, limited, or temporary. In most cases, having a quality estate plan can avoid the need to hire a probate attorney to go through this court process that remains in place for the duration of the incapacity.


Probate is the court process of transferring assets left outside of a trust, to the rightful legal heirs. Unfortunately, without a thorough estate plan, probate can still be required to address assets that are never put into the Trust. This is why it is so important to avoid “trust mills” or firms that mass produce virtually the same cookie cutter estate plan to every client. Your facts may fit into their standard box, but if they don’t, your good intentions may not be properly executed.

Estate Planning

Meet with an estate planning attorney in San Diego who will put in the time to create a personalized estate plan that will actually protect your assets from probate and minimize complications that may arise from typical life events like incapacity, divorce, remarriage, and death. It is not a fun topic but completing your estate plan will bring you the peace of mind of knowing your family is taken care of far into the future.

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We focus on estate planning, conservatorship, and probate law.Our goal is to answer your questions and reduce your concerns for the most successful outcome possible.
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