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If you run a business in California, you likely already understand how often you face issues that include compliance with legal standards, enforcement of contractual rights, employment law issues and the like.  As is the case with every other aspect of running a business, the intersection between the legal and business worlds is as predictable in general as it is unpredictable within specific contexts.  Business owners and managers need to be both proactive and reactive with respect to different legal issues, which means that anyone in this position needs to have the help of an experienced California business attorney at the ready. 

Kam Law is a law firm that has served clients in the business attorney capacity capably on several fronts.  These services play out in the forms of protection and enforcement of a client’s interests that include the drafting of:

  • Service Agreements
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements
  • Loan Agreements
  • Shareholder Agreements
  • Partnership Agreements
  • Buy-Sell Agreements
A business planning attorney will also help clients with:
  • Resolving business disputes
  • Lease Reviews
  • Serving as outside general counsel
  • Entity formation
  • Business Planning

Every business is unique.  Every business’ legal needs are also unique.  That’s why every business needs a business attorney who can handle several different tasks, questions and problems efficiently.  If you’d like to find out how you can obtain the protection you need, contact Kam Law to learn more.


As mentioned, a business attorney may be called upon to help a client for several different reasons, even within one situation.  The ebbs and flows of any ongoing concern mean that as things progress, unexpected scenarios will arise.  Some business owners and managers are generally aware that they’re likely going to need the help of a business attorney at some point.  Unfortunately, quite a few people in this position do not realize that need until a situation has already become extremely urgent.  That can lead to rushed decisions and less-than-ideal outcomes.

In an effort to help business owners and managers avoid this difficult scenario, Kam Law would like to provide a brief overview of specific roles a business attorney fulfills for a client.  See below:

Transactional Compliance

There are a lot of different business transactions that can draw scrutiny from different levels of government.  It’s always better for a business to know ahead of time whether or not a transaction is (a) likely to draw scrutiny, and (b) whether or not said transaction is in compliance with all relevant laws and regulations.  A business attorney will help an operation achieve this benefit of foresight.


Not every question or potential issue relating to business law in California is cut-and-dried.  Some situations require in-depth research so that a business can make a decision upon a foundation of legal knowledge and advice.  A business attorney will provide both when called upon, and this input is critical for any business’ ongoing interests.

Legal Documents

Nearly every step a business takes, including executing contracts, putting together employee handbooks, issuing policy statements, building personnel files, etc. requires the formulation of legal documents on some level.  All of these legal documents need to be put together such that the business’ legal rights and overall interests are protected.  Any misstep in this regard can cost the business dearly.

Negotiate settlement terms

Even with every aspect of planning and preparation, a business can still encounter situations where something goes awry due to circumstances out of its control.  When this occurs, the best approach is to have a business attorney step in and protect the business in every legal way possible.  That includes negotiating settlement terms, which in some cases is the best way to resolve a situation.

Can a Business Attorney Can Help You?

Despite the inevitable realities discussed above, some business owners and managers may still question whether or not they’ll benefit from the advice of a business attorney in San Diego. If this includes you and your business, ask yourself the following questions with regards to your operation:
  1. Do you execute transactions?
  2. Do you negotiate contracts?
  3. Do you have or plan to form a legal business entity in California?
  4. Do you have employees working for you?
  5. Do you have independent contractors working for you?
  6. Do you work with vendors?
  7. Is there any potential liability with regards to what you do?
  8. Do you keep internal records of your operation?
  9. Do you have partners?
  10. Do you wonder if you’re complying with every relevant regulation?

If you answered, “yes” to any of these questions, you should speak to an experienced business attorney in California as soon as possible to review your overall plan.


Running a business is all at once fun, challenging, difficult, stressful and rewarding.  The best way to minimize the risk that something negative could happen and to simultaneously maximize the opportunity for positive gains is to work with a business attorney who understands how to advance the interests of clients.  Kam Law has been doing just that for years, so contact the firm today to schedule a thirty minute review of your operation, free of charge.  Either fill out the form on this page or call 619.535.1405. 

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