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Attorneys are generally seen as advocates for their clients.  Their legal code of ethics requires attorneys to advocate for their clients zealously. An outside general counsel is not only an advocate for his or her clients, but every general counsel serves as a protector, advisor, sounding board and preventative legal practitioner. As such, choosing the correct person to serve as general counsel is absolutely critical for any ongoing business or non-profit organization.  Kam Law serves clients from several different industries and backgrounds as general counsel.  The firm understands the urgency and care with which a general counsel must act, so  contact Kam Law Firm today to learn more about how we can help you.


A general counsel fulfills several specific functions within an organization.  In any given day or within any given situation as it unfolds, a general counsel likely fills more than one of the roles briefly described below:

Manages Ongoing Legal Issues and Questions

Every organization encounters day-to-day legal questions and issues regularly.  A general counsel who is ready to answer those questions quickly will help keep an operation running smoothly and efficiently.  Kam Law understands the need for fast responses and will help you answer those questions and deal with those issues as quickly as possible. 

Negotiating Critical Contracts

Businesses and non-profit organizations must negotiate contracts on a regular basis as well.  More often than not, the other side of a contract negotiation will have legal representation, which means that you should have a general counsel working with you who will relentlessly protect and enforce your legal rights and interests.  Failing to do so could put your business in a disadvantageous position. 

Preventative Care

Nearly every step a business takes, including executing contracts, putting together employee handbooks, issuiNone other than Benjamin Franklin said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”  That’s a saying that definitely applies to both the business and legal worlds.  A general counsel can help management implement new policies, execute new strategies, and steer internal oversight in the proper direction so that no mistakes are made and no new problems are accidentally created.ng policy statements, building personnel files, etc. requires the formulation of legal documents on some level.  All of these legal documents need to be put together such that the business’ legal rights and overall interests are protected.  Any misstep in this regard can cost the business dearly.  

Helping Companies With Less Than Full-Time General Counsel Needs

Not every company faces a volume of legal questions and problems that require a full-time- in-house genral counsel.  Growing companies in particular may need legal protection in the form of regular phone calls, regular updates, and regular review and drafting of documents and strategies.  Kam Law Firm supports these companies by drafting the documents needed to protect and enforce their legal rights and resolve potential conflicts among business partners, clients, and vendors.  


Anyone serving as outside general counsel needs to be ready to tackle almost any type of legal task at any given time.  The nature of the role is one that may require using the law as a shield, as a sword, or as both.  Therefore, if you find yourself wondering what you should do about certain legal questions that tend to arise, find one resource to answer them quickly and accurately. Kam Law Firm has been working with businesses in several different ways for years, and the firm understands what it takes to keep management free from avoidable obstacles so that they can focus on moving their operations towards their ultimate goals.  If you’d like to learn more about how our firm can help you as your outside general counsel, contact us today to schedule a free initial consultation.  To do so, either fill out the form that appears on this page  or call 619.535.1405.

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