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Small Business Attorney Fees: What To Expect

Small Business Attorney Fees: What To Expect
Small business attorney fees are an investment into legal protection.

You’re working away one day at your small business when you realize that a problem is starting to develop.  You know you should get some legal help to take care of it, and you know that if you work with a small business attorney the situation will likely be resolved quickly and efficiently.  The only thing that holds you back is the money.  If you’ve had this thought, you’re like millions of other small business owners who hesitate or even avoid obtaining legal help because of concerns that the small business attorney fees associated with the help will ultimately be more of an expense than the problem is worth.  Studies have shown that some business owners consider this type of help a “luxury.”

If this is you now or it’s been you in the past, you need to know that this is a mistake.  Far too many times, small business owners see minor problems grow into major ones simply because they wanted to avoid small business attorney fees.  The first aspect of this mistake is that small business attorney fees are not an expense, but rather an investment in the well-being of any business.

Secondly, there are times when the mere presence or minor involvement of an attorney can prompt the other side of an issue to alter their course or goals.  If you face this type of situation or even if you are not facing this type of a problem currently, you need to contact Kam Law Firm as soon as possible to schedule a complimentary initial consultation.  Small business attorney fees concerns should not be a reason to not contact us, as you’ll see below.

Invest In Your Small Business

Almost regardless of the type of small business you own, you’re making investments in several different things and people all the time.  You make these investments even though you understand that they involve initial cash outlays or extensions of credit, but you also understand that these decisions are for the good of your small business in the long run.  Examples of common small business investments include:

  • Office space
  • Storage space
  • Equipment
  • Inventory
  • Employees
  • Working capital
  • Transportation
  • Marketing materials

The list above could obviously be much longer, but too often this list does not include small business attorney fees.  Truth be told, a small business lawyer cost is generally far from exorbitant before a serious problem arises, and the benefit of this type of an investment is that the sooner or more regularly an attorney is involved with the day-day operations of a business, the more likely it becomes that legal costs will remain relatively constant and manageable.  Some forward-looking business owners think of monthly legal fees for a small business as another form of insurance.

Several Types of Help For That Investment

When you contact a car accident attorney, it’s because you’ve been in a car accident and you need help dealing with insurance companies and damages.  When you contact a bankruptcy attorney, it’s because you are having serious financial problems and you need to find a way out as soon as possible.  Small business attorneys are different in that they offer several different types of help depending on the situation or situations a client is experiencing.

For instance, Kam Law Firm has helped small businesses with the following types of business matters over the years:

  • Contract negotiations
  • Contract disputes
  • Creditor problems
  • Vendor problems
  • Employee issues
  • Document preparation
  • Estate planning for businesses
  • Business planning
  • Partnership negotiation advice

Once again, the list above could be much longer, but Kam Law Firm provides the type of legal help to clients that could change on any given day.  You never know what you’re going to encounter next when you own a small business, but Kam Law Firm will be ready for whatever shows up on your path forward.

Kam Law Firm – How We Get Started

As much as you may be concerned about the prospect of paying small business attorney fees, Kam Law Firm also does everything possible to avoid any type of guessing when it comes to what legal representation could cost for a client.  That’s why we prefer to start every possible relationship by offering a complimentary 30-minute initial consultation to those who think they need legal advice.

We do this not only to allow us to get to know each other, but also to allow you to decide whether or not to proceed with legal help based on our explanation of what’s happening or what could happen.  In addition, we need to know a bit more about what you’re facing before we can put together a plan for representation that will include information regarding your small business attorney fees.  A complimentary initial consultation not only removes the risk from the standpoint of the prospective client, but it provides a foundation of knowledge that leads to better and more accurate decisions regarding potential costs.

Defining the Scope of Representation

After your complimentary initial consultation, Kam Law Firm will get to work on putting together a scope of work for your legal representation.  Once again, given the varied situations that can arise in the world of small business, this scope of work could be wide-ranging.  Examples of what you may need in terms of legal help could include:

  • Contract negotiations
  • Document preparation and/or review
  • Settlement negotiations
  • Employment disputes
  • General business planning

Kam Law Firm will specifically lay out what we intend to do for you.  We’ll do so in order to provide you with as accurate an idea of your small business attorney fees as possible.  While we don’t work on a flat rate for every client, and we can’t ever guarantee that our potential fees will remain with a certain range, we do allow you the opportunity to plan for your small business lawyer cost as carefully as possible.

Different Approaches Are Possible

One of the reasons that people dread the idea of small business attorney fees and many times avoid contacting a lawyer altogether is because they get this vision of opening their monthly statement from their attorney and being shocked when they see their small business lawyer cost.  As explained above, that is not how Kam Law Firm operates, and in some situations our monthly legal fees for a small business can be largely fixed.

That’s because we’ve helped many clients serving as a “general counsel” of sorts, in that we’re on-call and ready to go whenever our client needed something.  This included day-day tasks that needed to be handled as well as helping clients deal with sudden problems when they arose.  If you’re not experiencing any immediate legal problems but you want to make sure your business is protected, you should consider working with Kam Law Firm in this regard.  You’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing that you’ve made a wise investment for your business.

Kam Law Firm Minimizes Surprises

One of the things that keeps small business owners up at night is the silent self-admission that they didn’t do something that day that they know they should have.  In addition, many times that admission involves not getting legal advice when doing so would’ve been wise.  Small business attorney fees do not have to be a diabolical surprise, and in fact they can be planned for in many situations.  Kam Law Firm:

  • Offers a complimentary initial consultation
  • Provides a detailed scope of work before starting an attorney-client relationship
  • Works on a monthly retainer when appropriate
  • Provides notice whenever something arises that could affect legal fees
  • Communicates the details surrounding small business attorney fees

If you own or otherwise run a small business, you either do now or will at some point need legal help.  You have nothing to lose by finding out how Kam Law Firm can help you, so contact us today to take that first step towards investing in the well-being of your business.

Free Consultation

*Does not create an attorney-client relationship. An executed representation agreement is required to create an attorney-client relationship. Call for more information.

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